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Diversified Lenders specializes in providing capital to commercial business and governmental entities across the United States

Our Services

Through a unique combination of accounts receivable financing and equipment leasing, Diversified Lenders is uniquely qualified to help you get the working capital you need, now. We offer the following:
Factoring/Invoice Purchasing

By utilizing your company’s accounts receivable, you can streamline cash flow, increase working capital and grow your business more rapidly than with traditional banking products.

Equipment Finance & Leasing

We have a wide range of programs that allow you to get the equipment you need to grow your business without straining your finances. Our vendor programs are user friendly and designed to help vendors sell more equipment.

Asset-Based Lending

Acquire funds based on a percentage of your company’s liquid assets like accounts receivable and inventory.

Government Finance & Leasing

We provide governmental entities with creative financing solutions eliminating the need for bond elections – allowing you to get what you need, now.

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If limited cash flow is keeping you from hauling more loads, we can help. Trucking companies and owner operators can get same day funding, fuel advances, and fuel card programs and get you back on the road immediately. We provide working capital for trucking firms of all sizes – whether it’s one truck or an entire fleet.


Janitorial & Maintenance

Convert your unpaid invoices into immediate cash and you'll be able to hire additional staff and purchase supplies and equipment allowing you to both expand your coverage and your client base, thereby increasing revenue.


Oil & Gas

Situated in the middle of West Texas and one of the largest oil plays in the country. Diversified Lenders helps companies in the oil industry get the working capital they need, now. A notoriously slow paying arena, Diversified Lenders is able to accelerate cash flow for businesses so they can meet the high demand for their services.



Diversified Lenders can help you meet payroll, purchase raw materials, and equipment and meet operational expenses without disrupting workflow.



Our flexible factoring services help staffing industries get the cash they need, now. Meeting payroll will never again be an issue and our services will allow you to grow your agency.

Why should you partner with

Diversified Lenders?

We are a closely knit, family-owned business. We know the struggles our customers regularly face. We started out in 1986 as a one-person finance brokerage, so we know the struggles of these customers as well.

We specialize in creative financing, like equipment leasing and accounts receivable based lending.

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